The first tango film in history

Imagine gathering the biggest stars of contemporary song on the same screen. With a little effort, let us also try to imagine that it is the first time that we can enjoy a sound film and even the first time that circumstances allow us to ‘face’ some of the most famous voices that we have so far only Could hear through the radio waves or see, inanimate, on the covers of the most popular newspapers of our time. The effect would be somewhat curious, not to say creepy … Well, something similar must have been what experienced on their very skin the hundreds of spectators that the night of April 27, 1933 went to the Royal Cinema of Buenos Aires to To attend the premiere of “¡Tango!” By Luis Moglia Barth, according to tradition the first sound film of Argentine cinema. An event that significantly has the tango as its main protagonist and also has some of the most popular legends in its history to which, until then, the vast majority of the public had never been able to see their faces. Libertad Lamarque, Azucena Maizani, Tita Merello, Mercedes Simone, Alberto Gómez, the mythical dancer José Ovidio Bianquet (‘El Cachafaz’) and the orchestras, among others, Osvaldo Fresedo, Juan D’Arienzo, Juan de Dios Filiberto, Pedro Maffia And Edgardo Donato. A memorable night in which for the first time the seventh art and the tango found a common dialogue between reality and fiction, between magic and dreams.


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